Tuesday, July 22, 2014

'Proud' Indians… Where Are You Today?


An Indian-American CEO of two publicly-traded companies has been convicted on charges of paying kickbacks in return for purchases of his companies stock.
Shailesh Shah, 48, of California pleaded guilty before US District Judge Richard Stearns to two counts of mail fraud and two counts of wire fraud…


Remember the 'Proud Indians' who spam the media (and social networks) when some PIO gets appointed CEO or CFO of a foreign company or gets elected governor to a US state or gets a job in the Whitehouse?

The one's who shamelessly try to become a part of THAT person's INDIVIDUAL achievement by coming up with crap like 'He is from MY country. He went to MY college/uni. He did the same course/major that I have picked'?

Yes… THOSE 'Proud Indians' - Where are you now? It is only fair that you now feel collectively ashamed. Doesn't anyone want to speak to Shailesh Shah's family or teachers or friends? No trending topic on Twitter from the current batch of students studying in the uni / school that Shailesh Shah went to? No 'Ashamed To Be Indian' hash-tag?

Kyon bhai? kya hua?

Thuu. Neech zaat. Chotte log, chotti soch.

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