Monday, July 14, 2014



A recent meeting in Pakistan between 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed and a journalist considered close to yoga teacher Ramdev led to a row in Parliament today.


  • Why is this the opposition's concern?
  • Why is this even a parliamentary matter?
  • How the hell does it matter who this journalist is close to? He might be close to Ramdev, He might also have a very close/cordial relationship with his nephew / neighbour / banker / barber / maid / grocer / watchman… Do we need to mention those as well?!

Is there really any need to make noise about this? He is a journalist (Freelance or not). The guy had a meeting and that's that. Hardly merits a discussion or a row in the Parliament.

BTW, all that bull about 'I wanted to prove him wrong and influence his thinking' - Bakwaas mat karo. It's as simple as - An opportunity presented itself, and Ved Pratap took it. No one is going to buy the crap about 'wanting to influence his thinking'. Ye bhi saala faaltu mein footage khaa raha hai.

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