Sunday, July 20, 2014

Need For Speed


The cars were… fucking amazing. Loved the cars. All of them!

Acting / plot - Far from tolerable. Some of the lines were utter rubbish. Here are a few:

Dino Brewster – Let's see what Ingram thinks.
Julia Maddon – I am what Ingram thinks and he thinks two at the most. (Huh? You are a THOUGHT?! Well in that case, Ingram needs to put in a lot more effort into his thought process, because you make no sense).

Julia Maddon – But driving like a complete maniac in order to scare me out of the car is not going to work.
Tobey Marshal – You sure about that?
Julia Maddon – Is that what you think? (Here are some sensible response options to that question – 'Yes/No/Are you?/Fuck off'. 'Is that what you think' is just another badly written line).

Julia Maddon – Whatever you think about me… I am sure it's wrong. (And ANOTHER senseless line).

Aaron Paul - Good enough voice/tone for the role, but… the walk/look/expressions… body language in general was way off the mark.

Imogen Poots - Thu. The accent is obviously British, but it's far from a posh British accent (which should have been a prerequisite for this character). Scary smile (if you can call it that) and whoever picked the shades for her has absolutely no sense of style. I mean… take a look at this:

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 6.30.20 PM

That's a great pair of shades that looks absolutely horrid on that face!

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