Sunday, June 14, 2009


My friend bought a Marlboro One Gold pack (it's new, I guess). So I tried one, it's like puffing air. I told him so. Then he turned the pack to the side and says - 'this one is special.. it's triple one - as in 1,1,1'

That implies 1mg tar, .1 mg Nicotine, 1mg Carbon Monoxide.

I turned my Davidoff Black pack to the side. Read it. Smiled and said - 'mine is better.. it's 666'

Reminded me of an incident when I was young.

We had gone to collect our 12th original mark sheets. I had to collect it for one of my friend as well (he didn't want to go to school, just to collect the mark sheet).

So me and my other friends collected the damn things and were standing outside the office - chit chatting among ourselves as to who would accompany me to visit PJ Abraham and scare the shit out of him (I had my baseball bat in the back pack I was carrying, about half of it jutting out. Really wasn't trying to hide it, anyways. Has more of an effect that way. Yes I did and still do have a problem with PJ Abraham. I am sure he has issues with me too).

Anyways, so I just happened to look at my friend's mark sheet. These have a 3 digit serial number printed on top (not the roll number). It read 667.

I was wondering who would have received the number of the beast. That's when it hit, it should be ME. So I turn up my mark sheet and sure as hell there it was right at the top - 666

4 Opinions:

Agnel said...

Interesting :P

Saar, please reduce smoking! My kind request :)

L o r d R a j said...

Giving up smoking is easy

I've done it a million times. ;)

Jokes apart - Now I just smoke in the hope that I can effectively reduce the number of years I have left of this miserable life.

Agnel said...

I don't want to make you feel, that i'm forcing you.

Just a different thought to what you said.

You might effectively reduce the number of happy days that life might throw up in the future. Why repent later? ;)

Just face this life with a brave face Man, we really don't need alcolhol, smoke or any other supplements to win this war. We can win it with our own hands, a healthy mind, a peaceful heart. Search for that :)

L o r d R a j said...

That's a nice way of putting it. Like the thought pattern. :D

No need for alcohol or smoke or dope .. totally agree. There definitely is no NEED for these things. but in SOME cases, for SOME individuals, these might help.

Hell, for all you know, it would be the same as a placebo effect. See, placebo effect works for some - in some cases it's the POSITIVE THINKING that is the placebo, for some it's coloured pills.. and for some - it's smokes and drinks. ;)

To each his own. ;)

War - what war.. what winning?? there is no winning in this war.. No matter how you live your life, mate - you can't get out of it alive. Seriously doubt there is any WINNING.

But you can and you must make the best of it.

Peaceful heart.. healthy mind... aaah..and the search continues.