Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One Network - Zain


Well, this news showed up on Zain's website on May 11th. But as of THAT date it mentioned Kuwait will SOON be part of the network (data only).


In another world-first, leading mobile network operator, Zain, announced today (11-05-09) that it has launched cross-border data services across the Middle East and in East Africa on its award winning ‘One Network’ platform. The data service is yet another demonstration of Zain’s commitment to expand ‘One Network’s’ revolutionary service in terms of geographical coverage and product offerings, this time by being the first mobile operator in the world to successfully introduce cross-border local GRX-based data access, an innovative technical solution which ensures faster access speeds at cost effective local rates than traditional internet roaming.


Today, I just saw the advert in one of the Arabic papers, and it's now official. In simple words - you have an Ego Connection from Zain - Kuwait. Now when you travel to Bahrain, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi etc, your Ego connection will continue to work as if it were a local connection. i.e. no roaming charges. 

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