Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Text Your Cop - India




CHENNAI: Text us your grievances and we will take action, city police commissioner T Rajendran said a couple of days ago. The public have done their bit and now it is for the police to do theirs.

Tapping technology to benefit both them and the public, the city police on Monday introduced a dedicated mobile number (95000 99100) to receive grievances in the form of text messages.

Interesting approach. At least I haven't heard of something similar before. What I really liked about it was:


The personnel concerned will attend to the problem and keep the complainant posted about the progress and the action taken. If there is no response from the police personnel, the same message will be forwarded to senior officers mentioning that no action has been taken. Thus, no one can escape responsibility.

It's still not clear what action the senior officers will be taking, I mean - there is a very good chance that they will be getting tonns of messages. Probably they will just switch off the cell phones.

Seems like a good approach. Might end up with nothing actually happening, but at least the idea is cool.

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