Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ecco Pocket GPS



Simply 'lock' your starting location, carry on without a care in the world, then follow the Ecco's LCD display back to your original location! The Ecco Pocket GPS will store up to three separate locations.

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One more useless gadget.

So you forgot where you parked your car - AGAIN. Well here is a pocket GPS which will help you find it. PROVIDED - when you parked your car, you had the sense to save that location onto your new fancy GPS Key Chain. Will you be getting a satellite signal in a covered parking lot? What if you found a space in Basement 2? Some important questions which were left unanswered when someone came up with this concept.

Of course, it's a GPS device, so it's use is not limited to just finding your car. You save any location and then the GPS guides you back to it. It's not like you punch in a location or an address and it gives you the directions. It doesn't find new places, it just takes you back to where you have already been. Might sound useful to some. I think it's crap.

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