Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chilli Grenades !?! - India

It happens only in India

Indian defence scientists are planning to put one of the world's hottest chilli powders into hand grenades.
They say the devices will be used to control rioters and in counter-insurgency operations.


Control rioters.. hmm. Guess traditional tear gas was just getting too old. Chilli grenade.. it’s different. 

The Defence Research and Development Organisation also said:

And the powder will also be spread on the fences around army barracks in the hope the strong smell will keep out animals.

Err.. mm.. keep out animals. It’s nice that the scientists (using the term rather loosely in this case) are working on ways to keep out animals. If only they could also come up with some magical way of keeping the terrorists on the other side of the border as well. Now that would really help.

Of course – Chilli powder to keep out animals.. not a bad start. Well done. Brilliant way to justify the millions given to you for research.

Suggestion, how about surrounding the barracks with a ring of fire. Will keep the animals away and the soldiers warm as well. And whenever they see one of these stupid research scientists – they could dump one of them into the bloody flames. 

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