Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why Won't You Get An Increment

A while back had this talk with one of my colleagues. The complaint - she is not happy with her salary. I usually have standard replies to such statements - WHO IS?.

I told her that even if her salary was hiked 100%, in a few months she would be complaining that it's not enough either. Basic human tendency. She prefers to call it 'being ambitious'. Well it's a better choice of words.

Same question for everything - How much is enough?
Same answer for everything  - Just a little more.

When she stood there and didn't seem to be leaving, I figured she was expecting an explanation as to why she isn't getting an increment. I hate to disappoint people. There is no reason why one can't be civil. So I explained - "you are not doing anything that is considered useful by anyone who matters". Ouch!

Look, I can be civil and all but I can't lie. If you want sugar coated nonsense just to feel better - go elsewhere. Prayer meetings might help (if you don't consider yourself beyond redemption - yet). If you want the truth well this is it.

Talk went on a bit about why the boss manages a raise for himself but not for her? That was easily answered:

"When YOU go to ask for a raise, do YOU ask for an increment for the entire department? Do YOU ask for an increment for the secretary, hike in the tea boy's salary, for the office boy, for the security guard.. OR do YOU just ask for a hike for yourself?" - QED

She walks away.

hmm I think she likes me even less now.

Thinking - next time if she asks me - I will just say - How the hell should I know. OR more appropriately - Shit Happens.

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