Thursday, June 25, 2009

Taiwan Legalises Prostitution


AIPEI: Taiwan began a process of legalising prostitution on Wednesday making the island the latest place in the world to decriminalise the world’s oldest profession. In six months, authorities will stop punishing Taiwan sex workers after prostitutes successfully campaigned to be given the same protection as their clients , a government spokesman said.


Hmm interesting. Apparently my views aren't that unpopular after all.

Have spoken about this before as well (It's Just Sex). Two consenting adults enter into an agreement. One doesn't mind paying for the service, the other doesn't mind providing the service. How the hell is this anyone else's concern!

It would be different if they were entering into an agreement to smuggle something or to kill someone or... well you get my point. But prostitution can not be considered along the same lines.

Personally, I think it's sad if anyone has to pay to get laid. I might frown at it, but that doesn't mean that it should be illegal. I frown upon Aishwarya Rai's pathetic attempts at acting. That doesn't mean that her acting in films should be considered a criminal offence! (ok, bad example.. I really wish it WAS a criminal offence to cast Aishwarya in a movie).

Regardless of what I wish for, doesn't mean that it should be enforced / implemented by superseding basic logic.

A friend once reminded me – The most significant difference between sex for free and paying for sex is – Paying for sex, actually costs less. :)

Reiterating - I still think it's pathetic for anyone to pay for getting laid, but that is not reason enough for it to be illegal.

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BarryUno said...

Agreed wholeheartedly dude.

Btw, although your anaolgy doesn't quite fit with regard to Aishwarya Rai's acting ability, it's very true! ;-)

L o r d R a j said...



Hey Bary. Been a while. How are you doing buddy.

Agnel said...


"it's just sex", modern attitude towards sex has changed a lot. A few decades back, it was considered to be divine.

THe problem is when people from one school of thought get married to the other from modern school of thoughts.

Life sucks big time then..

L o r d R a j said...

Hey Agnel.

Well, I guess it's about perception. A few more decades ago - or .. err perhaps centuries ago, it was even more different. People would end up with hundreds of wives. Well.. people, kings.. you know what I mean. :D

Now I am pretty sure they didn't get married a 100 times because they wanted an excuse to throw a big party for their friends.


There were instances where people were getting married again (and again.. and) only to get their heir. THAT too happened.

Just a matter of perception. Yes attitudes do change.

Sex - DIVINE.. hmm err.. mmm no comment seems to be the most appropriate response to that one.

Life sucks BIG TIME then

Well life sucks already - really don't want to ask 'how worse could it get' :)

Agnel said...

Thanks for the quick-gun-murugun-fire replies :P

Let us talk about simple men and women. Kings and Queens are never in question cos of their lavish lifestyle.

Life sucks already... right... then why pay for someone else to suck even more? (PUN went really bad *ashamed* J/K :P)

L o r d R a j said...


Too gooooood @ the pun

L o r d R a j said...

Ok, lets NOT talk about kings and queens.

lavish lifestyle.. err.. sex has very little to do with LAVISH. I mean.. (and I hope I am not being redundant) - it's just sex. ;)

simple men and women.. hmm again - all about perception. I don't think all kings and queens enjoyed multiple sex partners. May be some didn't. May be some were monogamous, may be some were celibate. May be some err.. just couldn't.

oops.. not talking kings and queens, right. where was I ... hmm yeah - lets talk about simple men and women. Is it a fact that ALL SIMPLE MEN AND WOMEN would be thinking the SAME WAY?

I am not talking about over decades. I am talking about a difference of opinion or a different perception among peers.. people of the same age group.. hell at times people from the same family.

Some might think it's a big deal - some might say sex is DIVINE and some... might say - well,.. it's just sex.

So.. even talking about SIMPLE men and women wouldn't be so simple - given the difference in perception, which might not necessarily have been brought on by a difference in age or over the span of decades or centuries.

L o r d R a j said...

Mate, I seriously don't think that it's for me or for anyone else to decide on behalf of someone else. Let alone pass judgement on anyone else (well except for bad actors or the likes)..

I am not saying that one should PROMOTE such a 'LIFE STYLE' or trend or whatever. I do not commend it neither do I condemn it. I don't think anyone has the right to.

I am just saying that it shouldn't be considered illegal anywhere as long as it's consensual. Regardless of the terms of engagement. (Where the hell did that phrase come from... well, you do know what I mean, right?)

CONSENSUAL being the key word here.

It doesn't and shouldn't concern anyone else other than the parties in concern.

jab un dono or teeno (or an entire group - depending on what's going on) - don't have a problem then why should anyone else.

Agnel said...

I'm against this for 3 reasons mate :P

1. When "such" people mix with people with conservative ideas, they will surely spoil their lives.

2. Sex-trade. It is a business and most of the girls who are part of the business really are forced to be there in the first place. It has spoiled lives, families and left huge scars for many.

Aren't we then behaving like animals do?

Now when I remove my cap(filled with moral and ethical ideas) and talk, I'd say, what's the big deal, it is just "flesh".

Life is about body, mind and soul. this is about bodily pleasure, what's the big deal ;)

Anyway, without morality and ethics, we humans are nothing different from animals.

L o r d R a j said...

Firstly - really thankful for 3G on cell phones.

Secondly - always have and continue to enjoy your comments.

Thanks :)

will be replying to your last comment in a bit. Just let me post this and light up my ciggie.

BTW the sea looks amazing in the dark

Agnel said...

Thanks mate. I appreciate it! I do enjoy your posts :)

It does look great, I miss chennai for this reason.

Take care mate...

L o r d R a j said...

Aren't we behaving like animals do

Sorry to burst your bubble, mate, but human beings are animals (by definition).

In practice of course, some of us would qualify and be rated as worse than animals. (harsh.. hmm may be, but not far from the truth).

SUCH people MIX with people with conservative ideas, they will surely spoil their lives

Are you implying that it's wrong to have a different opinion? Are you implying that sharing of views or ideas is destructive and will mark the end (or the beginning of the end) of co-existence?

I am confident that that's not at all what you were implying.

Is it necessary that if two people (or more) are interacting, then they HAVE TO agree with every single view? if so, WHY? HOW? Is that even practically possible?

Could it be that your implications were hitting on topics like relationships or marriage or the likes?

Mate, I seriously think that one's views on SEX will definitely be considered towards the beginning of the relationship itself. That should make things rather clear. Except in the case of Arranged marriage - of course - and my views on THAT form of association don't need any further elaboration.

Forced ...

Well, I did insist that the key word was CONSENSUAL.

What makes you so sure that every woman / man - in the business is in it because they have been forced into it. Trust me - there are MANY who are in it for a lot of other reasons. Not all are forced into it.

BTW, if you do get time, please do read the IT'S JUST SEX post I had made long back (linked to it in this post as well)

Why does this business have to be illegal and/or shady? why can't this just be some licensed thing with regulations and inspections. The government would benefit (another thing they can put a tax on), there might be individuals who would want to get out of this practice, and - if required or feasible, they could be assisted in being relocated.

With the operations being legalised, they don't get subject to only taxation - they also have to now follow regulations. and the chances now are higher to AVOID forced prostitution - because - if done properly - this will require licenses etc.

It's not that this will ENSURE that no one is forced into the business anymore. It will just make it a bit difficult to FORCE someone into it. And not to mention - increase the chances of someone wanting help - actually getting that help - in getting out of business.

Everything that can be used or exploited or abused - most definitely is and will be. This is just an effort to limit it.

WE KNOW that BANNING or condemning prostitution is not going to END it OR Limit it.

Legalising it is not going to INCREASE the instances of this happening. IT MIGHT Seem like there is an increase but what you are actually witnessing is - people who first did it under secrecy are now doing it a bit more openly.

People who DONT want to use the services of a prostitute - won't. Even if it's legal or being offered complimentary by the hotel they are staying in.

People who DO want to use the services, WILL. even if it's illegal or they have to pay extra for it.. or whatever.

Agnel said...

Sorry for the delayed reply mate! I got held up at work and forgot to reply back..

It is always good have a different opinion. It helps us to evolve for better and worse. Let us look at the positive side. :)

My implications were related to marriage and relationships ONLY :D. Perceptions about sex has changed for some after their get into a relationship. Anyway, I don't want to elaborate on that further :P

I completely agree with what you said about making it legal but only if the government is ready to inspect each and every person in the business. But still, there is a chance of people being forced into business.

Imagine, 10 girls line up for the job and they don't get paid and if they say QUIT, then the pimps might lose their money, hence would seek to illegal ways of FORCING people to enter into business and will try to make it look all okay.

I thrive for an ideal world which is free of evil.... I know it might never happen with selfish humans around! :(

L o r d R a j said...


Thrive for an ideal world which is free of evil

Ummeed pe duniya qaayam hai, mere dost.

We all hope for the best.

I STRIVE for a world where everyone has at least basic common sense (ahem... sometimes, I feel that even THAT seems to be like asking for too much). But like I said - ummeed pe duniya qaayam hai.

About the 10 girl line up scenario.

This is what I feel - if right now from those 10 - 9 are forced into it, then once the regulations etc come into play - the number of forced would be lower than 9.

Complete eradication of corruption (in my view) is not possible within the parameters of the present 'Society' set up. Complete eradication would require certain drastic measures which are (and most likely will be) unacceptable to present day 'members of the society'.

Hence my arguments favouring complete annihilation.

Coming back to the topic -

As I was saying the legalisation would bring the number of Forced definitely lower than 9 (from the 10 girls lined up). It could be 5, it could be 7, it could be 4. To be completely honest - if it's even down to 8, I think it's worth it.