Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nokia N97


There was a time when I was thinking of giving this one a shot. At the time, there really wasn’t anything interesting enough in the upcoming models.

I was fine with the E71 (still am), but then, need something new (unfortunately nothing from Sony Ericsson seems to be worth trying, and I find that extremely disappointing. I was a SE loyalist and the P series was absolutely amazing. The Xperia is a piece of crap).

That was when I thought the N97 would be worth trying out. But by the time N97 was due to be released, there were rumours about the E72 (with optical navigation pad). I decided to wait for a while and once the E72 was confirmed, the N97 didn’t seem that interesting.

Was just going through and wondering while I wait for the E72, may be I could just have a go at the N97 after all. (I am pissed off, upset, bored – well you get the point. I need to keep doing something otherwise my head keeps coming up with shitty thoughts. Either I should keep myself busy, or get drunk and / or stoned. Otherwise someone is really going to get hurt).

That’s when I looked at the N97 properly. Now will someone at Nokia please bother to explain what the hell were they thinking when they decided to put the bloody space bar in the right hand corner? I mean.. COME ON!

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Anonymous said...

Yes Raj absolutely I agree with you. The space bar is shuffled off to one side, for right thumb use, ..... they made a really stupid decision to have an offset spacebar, Looks like someone got out the wrong side bed.


L o r d R a j said...

E72, yes. Waiting for that.

With Samsung, I have had battery problems. They just don't seem to last. Wonder how Omnia Pro will be.

HTC - haaa.. after I tried out the HTC Diamond - I have HAD IT with WM handsets. The only one I thought I was willing to take a risk with was the Xperia and that turned out to be trash as well.

BTW, the Touch Pro 2 seems to be a better one among from the HTC's line up.

It has been out since May. Why don't you give it a shot. Me.. no way. Had it with WM. Just NOT for me.

SE Idou.. hmm I am a bit curious about this. 12 MP Cam. SE handsets usually do have a good battery life. Just MIGHT try this out.