Monday, June 1, 2009

Punisher: War Zone


After watching an animation and then an Adam Sandler movie, I am sure you would understand why I needed to watch something like this.

Well, I loved comic books when I was a kid. I still like some of them. The Punisher - unfortunately never appealed much to me. For me - he was like a Batman wannabe.

Like I was saying - Punisher never was one of my favourite characters, but he wasn't as lame as Ray Stevenson is in the movie. Not happening.

What made it even worse for me is - I really enjoyed watching Ray in the tele-series Rome. Watching him being lame as the Punisher after that (Titus Pullo) was all the more disappointing.

I did like some of the action sequences though. E.g. Punch to the face or rather punch THROUGH the head. That was good. Also the gun shot right to the head while Colin Salmon is trying to cuff the guy - nice!

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