Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weeds - Season 4


Done with Season 4. Ended up watching the entire second half today. Have too much on my mind (stuff I can’t do shit about) and wanted to stop thinking. So just put up all the remaining episodes onto the playlist and kept watching.

Celia sucks. She makes the show crappy. Hate her. Every time she comes on screen, it’s like aarrghh.. not her again.

It’s not AS cool as it was when I started off with it. Kind of felt like it’s becoming Desperate Housewives – ish (no, I don’t like that show. I do like Eva Longoria, but I can’t stand the show).

Andy in love with Nancy! Seriously not happening. I mean, Andy is way too cool a character. Adding a love angle to that could seriously screw it up. In all likelihood it will mess up this character (well, it does fuck up real life – that’s for sure).

Doug Wilson being smitten by the Mexican chick, was kind of ok in the beginning but him being sad over her just didn’t go well with the character (for me, anyways). Getting her into states and then trying to make her LIKE HIM – really not happening. I like his ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude better. At least that wasn’t completely lost.

The season ending with Nancy being pregnant, put together with all the crap I mentioned above, makes me wonder if I would really like Season 5. Hope the show goes back to being cool, soon.

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