Monday, June 15, 2009

Nokia E72


Hmm. E71 was perhaps one of the best phones Nokia ever came out with. Well it's really not that hard to choose, given that Nokia usually churns out rehashed crap. There are very few models from Nokia that are actually worth using. Now, could the E72 be better?

Some changes - Smaller Space Bar, Optical track pad - nice addition - THANKS! (navigation pad, joystick..whatever you want to call it). 5 MP Cam LED Flash, 3.5 mm Headphone Jack. Looking forward to getting this one. My plans of getting the N97 - chuck it. This one is definitely better.


5 Opinions:

anya said...

Hey - so are you using the E71 currently? What are your experiences on it? Hows the browser, usability? Complaints? I am thinking of getting an E71x soon.

L o r d R a j said...

Hey anya,

Like I said, Hands down - one of the best phones nokia has come up with.

But it all depends on the user as well. What phone have you been using all this time? Your requirements, what YOU need from the phone make all the difference.

the E71, well the keys are a bit small, and might take people a day or two to get used to it.

Other than that - I don't think there is any problem with the phone.

All the best.

anya said...

I currently have a simple Nokia 6301. Planning to get the E71x .. mainly for the browsing capabilities. Emails - more to check emails than write them on the phone. I am deciding between the Blackberry 8900 and the E71x.

L o r d R a j said...

Hey Anya,

I am sure you do know this, but just in case you didn't, the Black berry (Bold or Curve) are based on Push Mail. Which means the BB alerts you almost instantly, when you receive an email.

That is great, but you will have to subscribe to the service package for it. ranging from 4 KWD to 40 KWD depending on what you need.

WITHOUT subscribing to the service, the BB (bold or curve) will just be able to make phone calls and send receive texts. No emails, even on WIFI or 3G if YOU DON'T subscribe to a BB Service package.

JUST in CASE you weren't aware, thought I would give you a heads up.


Either ways, hope you enjoy your new phone, whichever it may be.


L o r d R a j said...

Ohh and yeah,.. along with the BB service, you get not only push mail, but BBM (black berry messenger) and lots of other cool apps too. Some are rather useful, depending on your interest or line of work.

Take care, Anya.