Friday, June 12, 2009

Echelon Conspiracy


Not exactly an original idea, now is it? Doesn’t really offer anything new (except for the sms tone, I guess). Many people call it a propaganda film. To be honest – I couldn’t care less.

Tamara Feldman is good to look at. But .. err.. the character was completely pointless. Could have done without it too (though I am glad they didn’t, I am just saying that they could).

Might have made a good tele / mini-series. Probably would have made an awesome plot a long long time ago (in a galaxy far far away). But definitely a bit stale for 2009.

All that said, I would still say it was sort of watchable. EXCEPT for the ending. Honestly, William Shatner talking a robot into initiating a self-destruct procedure might have been passable back then…. that’s like REALLY REALLY OLD! Something like that – today – is just super lame.

The makers saved the worst for the last. The final scene might make no sense at all, but I am sure that at least SOME eyebrows will be raised.

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