Monday, July 20, 2009

The Bitch Has Gone Crazy - Mayawati


Mayawati, Shakal se to jamaadaar lagti hi hai, saala naam bhi chamaaron waala hai - Thuuu.. neech zaat. There, I said it. Go ahead - sue me. Ek kuttiya ki teen santaan..... mulayam, mayawati, kaanshiraam.


Maya defiant, rewards man behind Joshi house arson

The war between the BSP and Congress has intensified with BSP chief and Chief Minister Mayawati 'rewarding' the person who was allegedly behind torching of UPCC chief Rita Joshi's house in Lucknow, according to media reports.

Sources said, BSP MP Intezar Abdi has been given the Deputy Chairmanship of the UP Sugar Corporation.


What the hell! Couldn't you be a little discreet about it? There are less obvious ways of rewarding your henchmen. Is it necessary to have your name in the paper, everyday - irrespective of what it's for?

BTW, I refer to her (and many others) as 'neech zaat' not because of their caste but because of their actions. The caste is irrelevant 1. But if your actions and your thoughts are pathetic, doesn't matter what caste you belong to.

In other words - Chotti/ghatiya soch, ghatiya harkaten makes you chotte/neech/ghatiya log. Mayawati qualifies. Many others do too.


1 - When I say Caste is irrelevant, I am not addressing the pathetic lot who protest and riot so that their names get the status of SC/ST. Neither am I addressing the shit loads of people who are getting converted for the sole purpose of being among the CHOSEN ONE's who get preference and reservations regardless of merit.

VP Singh - Ye kya shuru kar gaya (well I will always hold him responsible).

Mandal Commission might have been started under Morarji Desai, but the implementation of their crappy recomendations was brought ahead by VP "Chutiya" Singh.

And the worst part - There are plenty of idiots in the parliament (and outside) who think this crap is a good idea and support it. Aaaaaaaarrrggggggh

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