Friday, July 24, 2009

Luck - OST

The remixes in the OST are done by DJ Amyth. I was really turned off by the name itself. From Amit to Amyth. I just find it sad. The remixes – even sadder.

I rarely enjoy remixes, but if done well - I can listen to them. I am not a singer or a music composer or a musician. What the hell do I know. I just like listening to good stuff and these remixes WEREN’T good (for me)!

Aazma Luck Aazma – various versions of the song. The thing that messed up the song for me is that pathetic line “it’s not about the money, not about the honesty don’t you think it’s rather funny .. luck is the key”. Why would anyone pen crap like that? I wish that part was edited out of all the versions. Absolute rubbish.

My favourite version is the one by Sukhwinder.

Zameen se uthaaye.. falak pe bithaaye – meherbaan ho jaaye gar khuda.

As I mentioned, the remixes are rather lame. The version by Shruti Hassan was a surprise. She does sing rather well. Just love the way she starts off the song. Something about that.

Sukhwinder's Version

Shruti Hassan

Khudaaya Ve – Remix is crap. The lyrics aren’t bad. Just somehow feel that they should have been better. I really like this one line:

Pyaase tadap rahen, saahil kareeb re

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