Thursday, July 9, 2009


In response to a call from Hewlett Packard for user-made advertisements, two students at London's Kingston University pulled off a mesmerizing synchronized printing routine with a stable of HP printers


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Agnel said...

You know what, when I saw this video, I wanted to type a long comment but I left since I didn't have time and then got sucked right into work and then forgot eventually.

Such things might sound cool, some crazy idea. But if you think deeply, it involved lost of money and quite frankly, wastage.

I can spend so many 1000s of $ and come up with a cool ad, but I will think at what cost? Cost of cutting down 5 trees?

We all should start to care for the future generation, else they'll suffer for our mistakes. :(

L o r d R a j said...

I would say 'hmmm.. interesting point' but then I am afraid that you will give me similar points to ponder over my 8 cylinder 4 WD..

ohh boy. Wouldn't mother nature be happy to get rid of me.

chakke chhoot gaye kismet ke.. dharti maange chutkaara...

Agnel said...


Sometimes I get really angry with our elders. I mean why is India so corrupt? Population! One answer.

Each one wants to feed himself and his family so they cheat, swindle and live without guilt.

Imagine if they had foreseen all this, they could have procreated in a proper manner and now we'd all be happily living in India. Infact we would have become a superpowr by now.

L o r d R a j said...

I do have to admit that almost all problems are so easy to solve, provided we have the gift of hindsight.. or time travel :D

I do agree that population is a major issue.. but india becoming a super power.. hmm not really sure about that.

The problems in India - as I see it - are not limited to just population and corruption. But yeah - would definitely be much better than what it is today. Superpower or not.