Friday, July 24, 2009

People never fail to surprise me. I mean, why can’t you just take the hint? Anyone who knows me, would definitely agree that I am not the type who is subtle when it comes to dropping hints. In fact, I sometimes wish I was the subtle type. Hate it when everyone thinks being brutally honest is a bad thing.

When I don’t like something, it’s rather obvious and I make my displeasure known.

Phir bhi koi baaz naa aaye to koi kya kare!?

I am really trying to avoid smacking people around. But I guess that’s the only way. laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahin maante.

2 Opinions:

Agnel said...

No one likes Patrick Jane until they need him, same with all of us. Chill :-)

L o r d R a j said...


But I still want to beat some of them to pulp.