Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Memorial Service


On the forum, talk started about the memorial service and if I had bothered watching it or not. Here are my views on that:

I will probably catch the highlights today or tomorrow on some news channel and then start complaining about how unnecessary it was to get his daughter up and make her cry OR may be something else.

I am really trying hard not to sound insensitive - if it still appears that I am - my sincere apologies.

MJ is dead. If heaven/hell exists - his soul is already there. If there isn't one - well his body is in the casket and it will rot away. It's over. Hardly anything will be accomplished for MJ by this (memorial service).

Think about it - What does any of this accomplish for MJ? Publicity? Won't do him much good after his death now will it? Sure will work in favour of others.

A memorial service for others benefit? Fine. But if anyone really did care about MJ, I am sure they would see the futility of this.

If it's to show how much he will be remembered and all that - If he is in the presence of God and Angels and all that - I seriously doubt he would be bothered with what mere mortals are doing to remember him.

If he is in the presence of Lucifer bhaiya - I don't think he gets to choose what he watches or doesn't. He would be occupied getting toasted/roasted/boiled or whatever it is they do.

The loss is too great - for those who feel it - and no memorial service (regardless how big / small) is going to help fill that void. A public funeral is considered undignified by some. But for some it might be seen as a way of expressing their grief. We all have our own way of grieving.

The ones who watched it - I wonder why they watched it. I mean - were you expecting it to be entertaining?

  • Definitely not an awards night program or a thriller show.
  • Was it out of the sense of paying your respects to the man/legend/king? Personally, I find it a weird way of giving your final respects.
  • Did you believe this would be informative?

Anyways - to each his own.

These things don't make sense to me, so I don't bother with them. There are a lot of things my stupid head is unable to comprehend. One more hardly makes a difference.

Somebody said it was because people were CURIOUS. I do understand curiosity. In fact - I am confident I understand it very well. I tried to take a U turn at 100-120 kmph in a SUV because I was curious to see if it would flip or not.

Who is attending.. where it will be.. how many came with Armani suits.. what flowers.. will the president come up...

I don't (or rather can't) categorise those as queries of a curious mind. For me - those are - baigaane ki shaadi mein abdullah deewana.

People whose lives are so empty and un-interesting that they are desperately seeking something (regardless of how pointless) just to have something to do or to talk about.

It's sad.

But again - this is me. Like I mentioned before - I am not an authority on human behaviour. There are a lot of things that don't make sense to me. This is one of them.

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