Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Secret - L o r d R a j - EXPLAINED

In view of Agnel's comments, I figured that this post was required.

Life - fighting - and all that.

Now there is a difference between facing challenges and getting screwed over. It's not about how many times you go down what matters is - how many times you get up. When you stop getting up - That's when you have lost.

THAT my friend, is about facing challenges. Overcoming obstacles, conquering fear and failure. That is very much different from getting screwed. In other words - very different from what I am talking about.

  • Lost your job - Start over.
  • Got hit - Hit back.
  • Whatever YOU fucked up - Get back to it and do it better this time. MAKE IT WORK.

Khudi ko kar bulund itnaa ke har taqdeer se pehle,
khuda bande se khud pooche -
' bataaa... teri razaa kya hai '

In case you didn't quite get that - in short - be the master, not the slave. Do something so well that destiny itself asks you - ' how may I serve thee '

THAT is very different from what I was getting at. I would have thought that would have been obvious. May I redirect your attention to one of my earlier posts - My Logic

When the odds are against you - it's IM-probable - but definitely NOT impossible. What I have put up in - ' The Secret - L o r d R a j ' - is about the impossible.

For those - who say ' the word impossible doesn't exist in my dictionary ' - ahem - a witty saying proves NOTHING. You might need a pair of glasses to help you go through the dictionary again. If that doesn't help well - take a reality check (or get a new dictionary).

I don't make any claims that my secret will solve your problem. I don't even portray it as a solution. See it for what it is - The ramblings of a 'CRAZY' man. When something drives you crazy - you are not looking at a solution. You are looking for something that would help you make some sense of what is happening. A crazy man's attempts to try to restore SOME order to his messed up state.

Trust me - the condition I am in now - IF there was a way to remedy this situation - I WOULD HAVE DONE SO ALREADY. If a solution did exist, I would be the first one to have figured it out and sorted out this entire mess. No one likes to be messed up. You think people enjoy being miserable!?

Hell - even in mathematics (algebra) - there are equations with NO SOLUTION - It's called a contradiction (google it up if you don't believe me).

The point is - Impossibilities exist:

  • If it's IMPROBABLE - TRY till you get it right.
  • If it's a possibility - GET TO IT. FIND THE SOLUTION.
  • If it's an IMPOSSIBILITY - don't bother with witty sayings.

Napoleon Bonaparte unquestionably got a lot of things right. But that doesn't imply that he couldn't get some things wrong. In this case - it's obvious he got a bad deal on a dictionary.

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