Friday, July 24, 2009


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Seeing Nicolas Cage’s name in the cast, no longer means what it used to.

Starts off reasonably well, but I am afraid it’s all downhill from there. Horrible-hammed acting. No point in singling out anyone. They were all terrible.

Some of the scenes are downright laughable.

Here is one:

The strangers show up again and Caleb hits the horn in the car. John (Nicolas Cage) sees one of the strangers heading into the woods and chases him. John catches up with the stranger - Flashlight on – hand gun ready. Stranger turns - opens his mouth – emits a super bright light.

Some people might find that scene intense. I found it super lame. It’s like – “haaa! my flashlight is brighter than yours”.

The last 20 minutes or so of the movie – absolute rubbish. Not like the rest of it is worth watching.

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Agnel said...

Didn't I write a review about it? :P It is pathetic :D