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It's the same story. Reported on two different news sites. Just had to share this. 


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Arab Times Link
Kuwait Times Link


I actually prefer the Kuwait Times article. Reports the incident and doesn't sound stupid.

The Arab Times article, definitely detailed but stupid as hell.


.... the Pakistani broke the shackles binding his legs and escaped on foot. The jail guards tightened security on the three other prisoners to prevent them from following the Pakistani.
Sources revealed a security guard chased the Pakistani but he was nowhere in sight as he hid behind cars at Al-Sabah Hospital, which was crowded at the time

BROKE the shackles - what is he.. Popeye on spinach?

Hid behind the cars and they couldn't find him - ??? (10 yr olds playing police and robber!).

If someone actually wants readers to believe this is the truth, well it casts serious doubts on the security personnel's capabilities (or the lack of it) not to mention - the quality of the 'Shackles'.

Point to be noted - A detailed account of events isn't necessarily the best way to present a story. It wouldn't hurt to sometimes use your head. It's there for a reason.

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