Monday, July 6, 2009

Police SMS Helpline - Update

A while back, I had put up a post - Text Your Cop. Well here is an update to that:


CHENNAI: Almost a fortnight since the introduction of a dedicated mobile phone number(95000 99100) for the public to send their grievances, a considerable number of messages received has been on public nuisance. Catching the cops unawares, however, were some messages which in themselves were a nuisance.

Cops are not very amused with some messages like "I love Bhavani -- please convey this to her." Since the software is so designed to forward the message to the police inspector concerned, such messages are sent to inspectors of whichever locality is mentioned in the text message. For the time being, the senders of such messages have not been pulled up, but they may not be so lucky if they repeat the mischeaf," warn police officers.


Some people just don't get it. Anyways. The reason for putting up this post was, not just for an update or to highlight how stupid some people can be, but more importantly - another example of TOI not bothering with proofreading. MISCHEAF!!! what the hell?!

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Agnel said...

lol, this is on the rise.

2 years ago, I wrote a documentation where my team lead thought it was so "low class" task for him to do. I'm talking about reviewing.

Even in US, the same happens :o, last week I wrote 6 documents out of which none of them were reviewed.

L o r d R a j said...

Hey Agnel,

It's sad isn't it. I mean it really casts doubt on the credibility of the document, the capability of the team / editor (as the case may be) and it's even worse when you know that it could be avoided if someone would have just bothered to proof-read / review the damn thing!

It's fine to screw up on your blog or in informal emails, but all this! come on!

Mathai said...

Yeah at least glancing over the finished document is a must if theres no time to proof read the damn thing.